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I ordered the uncoated, straight variety, rather than the crinkled variety. The only hairpins pictured on the web page were the crinkled ones, and I wished all the types were pictured, so I could be certain I was ordering the correct item—but when the hairpins came in the mail several days later, they were exactly what I had hoped. I did note that all varieties and colors of larger clothing items, such as fabric and shirts, are pictured. They have a large fabric selection , including the Tropical Breeze fabric I mentioned earlier.

They also have a nice selection of items for men, including heavy duty work jackets , durable jeans , long-sleeved dress shirts and plaid shirts, and cowboy boots. Children will love their toys, including Beanie Boos , tricky dogs like the ones that used to fascinate me during sit-still church time, beautifully-chiseled Breyer horses, and a sturdy wooden marble racetrack that reminds me of the marble roller Dad made when I was young.

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We children spent hours rolling marbles down its wooden track, but we would have found even more entertainment in this one, which has two grooves side by side so you can actually race your marbles. I was surprised and pleased with the very prompt delivery. Yay for coupons! I enjoy your blog and like you for the fact that you live in Wisconsin and grew up on a dairy farm. So did I.

What makes us different?

In fact, I think my folks visited your church sometime in the last year. The New Holland or Ephrata store would be most convenient when I visit relatives. They date back years when I was a smaller size, lacy half and full-length slips but they still have good wear in them. Katrina, that was quite the plug you put in about me and my bestie.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. In this example we want to set a shopping cart price rule which applies to shopping cart totals exceeding GBP30 and the customer has selected PayPal Express as a payment method.

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In the dropdown menu select Subtotal. Finally, select the Percent of product price discount option at the Apply tab under the Actions tab.

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Set 50 for the Discount amount. Setting the conditions: Click on the General Information tab and select the Specific Coupon option under the Coupon option. In the next step, instead of defining the GBP15 limit on the Conditions tab, you will set it at the Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions leave blank for all items section on the Actions tab.

On this same tab select Percent of product price discount at the Apply option.

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Finally, at the Apply tag, on the Actions tab, select Percent of product price discount and type 5 in the Discount Amount field. In many cases, the default functions of Magento cannot fulfil more sophisticated business needs. These requirements can be met by Magento development. Let us see some examples. Say, you want to do give a discount on the total purchase price for men over 50 years of age. Although you can set the birth date and gender in Magento, you CANNOT use these data as conditions with the catalog or shopping cart price rules.

However, with programming it can be solved that these data are taken into account by price rules. It can be determined that a coupon code is to be used only once, but Magento development is needed if you want to define which person can use exclusively this coupon code.

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But, well, with a little trick even programming is not necessary: you put the shopper, you want to give the coupon to, in a separate user group and then set the price rule to apply to only that specific user group. Here you would like to reward your loyal shoppers.

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With the help of Magento development , it can be solved that the sums of all the purchases of a given shopper are added up and then a specific discount is given to that customer. These examples are just a few out of many that we have come across or can manage flawlessly. Do you have specific problems in Magento you would like to solve? Contact us right away. If you think this article can be useful to other readers as well, please share it.

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You can also write your comments below. Need help? Contact us! His main field of expertise is Magento layout development for custom extensions. His beloved hobbies are billiard sports and gastronomy. Contact us if you have any question or requirement related to the preparation of a new or renewal of an existing online store.

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If you want to develop an ecommerce system, you should hire only the best professionals, the best companies. But how do you find them? No matter what kind of online marketing strategy you have, it you are not using landing pages, it is imperfect. Landing pages are incredibly useful tools: their only purpose is to convince the user about something.

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