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A Portland fabric store with a cult following announced Thursday night it would close its door after 26 years. The fabric arts community will feel this one for sure! According to the post, everything in the store will be 40 percent off until Fabric Depot closes for good on Sunday. Fabric Depot did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Electra, Texas She was a pretty girl, thin, with a spray of pale freckles across her face and light brown hair that curled just above her shoulders. She played on the tennis team, practicing with an old wooden racket on a crack-lined court behind the school. In the afternoons she waitressed at the Whistle Stop, the local drive-in hamburger restaurant, jumping up on the running boards of the pickup trucks so she could hear better when the drivers placed their orders.

Her name was Treva Throneberry, and just about everybody in that two-stoplight North Texas oil town knew her by sight. She was never unhappy, people said. When we were in Hawaii, on Oahu, I, of course, hit the fabric stores. I wanted to fall to my knees and thank the fabric gods. Yes, we have some fabric stores, but they are primarily quilt fabrics. Those of us who do sew clothing have to really search for quality fabrics.

Thank heavens for the internet. Ours used to be understaffed, but since they remolded it, It is a very clean, well kept, and most are friendly and know what they are doing. Because of the understaffed problem and no cutter available while the others were only allowed to do the stocking. The organization is as goofy as I have ever seen.

Notions are nowhere NEAR the fabrics! And only ONE little cutting table! I, however am a fortunate person. Both cottons and Fashion! What a gift! I totally agree!! Shorting staff, poor quality fabric, and now the focus is on crafts, not quality fabrics. I tend to shop online now. There are a few not so nice ones around but fortunately the closet to me is a nice, clean, well stocked store. I live in the Pittsburgh suburbs. It was redecorated, cleaned up and restocked a couple years ago. Most of the employees now are nice and helpful.

Another in Monroeville was set up as a new store and is very nice, staff mostly neutral, not overly friendly but approachable. I do fully support your mission. For most of us this is the only game in town, there are no high end fashion fabrics in either stores in my area. However,I am lucky to live in a large city with other private stores. Good luck! The remainder of the first half of the store is full of yarns, embroidery, and home dec fabrics — at least fiber arts.

The remaining half of the store is made up of craft items — paint your own woodwork, papercrafting, cake dec, scrapbooking, etc. Lots of glitz, not much substance. Yes,they have the fusible fleece that you use in your handbags, but as another poster remarked, forget about sew-in. Thank goodness there are quilt shops around the area, but I really wish there was a decent Fashion fabric store in central Connecticut!

One of my favorites is SawyerBrook. Continuing from the Newington, CT post, I must also comment on the condition of the store. The staff is friendly, but not especially knowledgeable. The store, however, is a nightmare. The floor tiles are broken, never seem clean, many of the shelves are broken, prices are not clearly marked on anything except the bolt ends on the fabrics, unless the manufacturer marks its product. The organizational plastic bins, etc. I will probably continue to shop for patterns and some notions, but never for important fabric.

Before they closed they hired a new manager and she really cleaned up the place and hired knowledgeable people but I guess it was just too late. I have a great store where i live in the uk but the proprietor is an absolute nightmare. Recently however, we were vacationing in Clearwater Fla. I know too, how customers can leave bolts of fabric and things everywhere, having worked in a fabric store — making keeping things looking neat — a never ending task!

Hope more JoAnn stores can model themselves like this one I liked near Clearwater. The Tallahassee, FL store is crummy but the only store around with inventory allowing one stop shopping. My experience is always disappointing. The store appears understaffed. The lines are long and frustrating. I vow to never go back, but. I prefer Bernia for quality and knowledge of product.

The service is excellent. Thanks for the opportunity to complain. In some ways I am shocked, and in some ways I am not surprised at all at the responses. Like you, I hope that the change in ownership will produce a change in attitude. My store is in Shreveport, Louisiana and is at least 20 miles from me. I used to HATE to ask for assistance or for fabric to be cut because the cutting ladies were so mean! But, over the years, new management has taken care of the staff problem and latley the last couple of years or so the staff is very friendly. My main complaint with the store is that even though it looks like they have a lot of fabric, they really dont and it is the same thing over and over with each visit.

It is pretty sad that the small town Wal-Mart nearby has a better selection, but they are always telling me they might be phased out. In the hot summer months here in LA it is unbearable in there! I have a Hancocks down the street from Jo Anns and it isnt much better but they do have new fresh fabrics….


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I live in a very rural remote area near the Canadian border in Northern NY. Our Joanns is in Malone, NY. It is wonderful! Theirs staff comes in a in the morning to get the stock out before the store opens. The same help has been there for years and they are friendly and very helpful. Of course this is a town where everyone knows everyone as it is so small. They never fail to ask for help. The manager, Betty, is wonderful and has been the store manager for 16 years. She will be retiring in two months and I hate to see her go.

She clearly is a wonderful manager. That all gets me to my point. I really think it has to do with store management. Joanns gives their managers a lot of leeway and some are just not experienced or disciplined enough to handle it. I have shopped at other Joanns. Another favorite is in Concord, NH. But this one in Malone really sparkles.

Thank heavens! The employees are helpful and knowledgeable. The Roseburg store is very tiny so aisles are small, not a lot of fabric choices and they are understaffed.

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Probably from the computer generated staffing program posted above. The Springfield store is large Etc. I sometimes shop there when I go to Eugene. A lot more fabric but a lot more of the less desirable stuff too. It is usually hard to use them. Or order it online. Their shipping is less too in that they are on the same side of the country as I am.

The store is an acre and a half of everything you need to make most anything you want from basic to high fashion fabric. LOL Very helpful and knowledgeable people. I bought fabric for a quilt there recently and 2 different clerks came to see what I was doing and jumped in to help choose the fabrics. I would surely recommend them for your list of on line places to shop. Way to go and you stated your case very well! I love equilter.

Clearance - Fabric & Notions

So, I very rarely get any fabric there, but do pick up notions every now and then. I can tell you, having seen a lot of them up close and personal, that the manager does, indeed, set the tone of the store. If the manager stresses customer service, then the staff will treat the customers well. Our customers are wonderful and extremely patient.

When the lines are long at the cutting table, they take a number as soon as they come in and then shop until we page their number. Using this method, several of our customers would like the line to be longer! Frankly, a lot of the complaints come from things that happen at the corporate level, not at the store level. Corporate determines how many employees can work at any given time…. They even set our thermostat from Ohio! We keep asking them to turn down the heat and with the money they save, please let us have more staff in the store, but that falls on deaf ears.

More staff would be first on my list, and a higher wage would attract better people in many areas. Our employee discount is as stingy as our minimum wage scale. Raises are based on longevity, not merit. I just wish corporate management would recognize that. It would be nice to be appreciated beyond our own store manager. I worked for Borders for several years and I know what corporate management can do to a good company. When I started it was a really good customer oriented store, then we started getting more and more bizarre directive from corporate.

Get a number from the cutting counter as soon as you come into the store, then shop for fabric only, until your number is called over the store paging system. Shop in the first or last hour of business. Like night and day. Right now, most of the guys knit or crochet! We try to take pride in our work, but we do feel sabotaged by corporate. Corporate thinks we have too many people in the store at one time. We think corporate should take a look at the geography of our store for starters, and then at the shopping patterns of our customers.

But what do I know? As for the new owners. I can only hope that the affiliation with Neiman Marcus might result in better uniforms. In the business world, green is the color of conservatism. We sell creativity. We should be wearing a different color! I live in a small town NW of Portland, OR and have to drive at least 20 miles to find a fabric store.

I mainly go there for the pattern sales and notions when I need them. The store used to be much smaller in a hideaway location. There were boxes blocking the aisles and never an employee able to help with simple questions. Now they have moved to a larger store in an easy to get to location but nothing has changed; still crabby staff who are well-versed in avoidance, dirty aisles and dusty shelves and an overall depressing environment. I have been greatly disappointed that the store focuses on a little of every craft with not enough of any one thing.

I even tried driving to Hillsboro, OR to the newer Superstore and found the store itself cleaner but the staff and the overall environment in the store is pitiful. I am so glad that I can visit the smaller quilting shops and Fabric Depot for fabric purchases. She is downright mean sometimes and belittles people when they ask a question about where something is located as though people that come in there should know where everything is because she does.

The store was remodeled and everything has been rearranged. I happened to be in the store when there were some corporate managers that came through and you should have seen how her demeanor had changed. She said she was going to even bake them a cake!!!!! Were they ever fooled by her!!! There used to be some wonderful people that worked there and there are a few mixed in but for the most part the nice ones have stopped wanting to deal with the surly ones and their comrads.

There were a couple of other managers or supervisors that left because of this loud overbearing personality. I used to love to go in there almost every day but now I avoid it unless I definitely have a crucial need to go there. I am always hoping she is gone when I do go there. If I have a chance to go to one of the larger super stores in Portland, Oregon I try to.

Fabric Depot is a great store and is owned by the people that used to have Fabricland but they got bought out and now have only one store. Fabricland was the greatest! I guess that is the way with corporations. Fabric Depot is a private company now. I sure wish they were a little closer to where we live. I am also thankful there are some wonderful quilt shops nearby, as Lettetia mentioned. I started sewing when I was in grade school. There were so many Mom and Pop fabric stores around then. Iused to walk to the fabric stores[no money] just to see and touch the fabrics and the people were so nice.

They understood my love for fabric. All of those stores were put out of business by the Jo anns with their cheap,cheap,cheap quality fabrics. Maybe the new owners will get rid of the crafts and turn it into a good fabric shop. One can only hope. They are all very friendly there, although you have to know when to shop if you want to find someone who has decent sewing knowledge. They just re-modeled, and it is very bright and mostly friendly. I have to go about 60 miles to find a decent quilting store that carries the nicer fabrics.

Same with dance fabrics. It seems to me that JoAnns has lost their customer focus. We sew, we love fabric, we browse gadgets and notions. We browse and dream of new projects and ideas and a fabric store should be like a candy store to us. Most JoAnns have a very small amount of fabric now, and no displays of what things look like made out of their fabric. Almost like they sell fabric as a sideline. When I go to a fabric store it is to buy fabric and notions, not all the other stuff.

I can shop anywhere for the seasonal crap they stuff the store with. I feel like they are truly missing the boat here, they are a FABRIC store, and for the most part the only game in town. I find it hard to buy fabric online, I need to touch and feel, and see the fabric to be inspired. I love to see beautiful displays, and completed projects for me it is very inspiring. Back in the day…House of Fabrics! I worked there as a 20 year old I knew my stuff, my mother taught me to sew when I was 7. In comes JoAnn. So my question is… what is all the other crap JoAnn fills their space with?

Why, because people buy it. Have you taught your children to sew? And not just your daughters. No more Home Ec in schools, how stupid is that? Merchandisers will stock and sell what people buy. Consumer demand rules. The best way to change JoAnn is get to the top with letters. The kind of letters that require a stamp.

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Letters are tangible. Consumers have power, we need to use it. Among other reasons, we are not allowed to use the restrooms but are rather sent next door to the One Dollar Store.

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  4. Totally unacceptable. The Fremont store is very nice, and their sales people are wonderful too! However, the larger Sandusky store…very rude salespeople, including their manager, and you have to wait forever to get waited on! They ought to fire everyone in Sandusky and start over: I sew for a living and believe sales people should at least know something about that profession!

    Unless you have worked retail, you can never completely understand it. A few things to consider… 1 A very experienced sewer probably wants to make more than minimum wage, which is what most retail pays. When they are selling just a spool of thread, or a needle, it does not add up…. Hence, they can not afford to have excessive amounts of employees… like Best Buy that sells massive televisions, etc.

    I am not saying that you should not expect good service, but sometimes looking at the economics of the situation will reveal why some of the problems exist. The rules that Joann has for the employees have to be the worse. The place sucks I just started working their and it is the most disorganized, filthy store. Most are just trying to get through the day with out making a mistake. I just submitted an application there. I work at a store in NJ and I can honestly say that some of the employees will go out of their way to make people happy.

    I am one of them. Heck none of then know anything about fabrics, how to read a pattern or even help with what thread you need for an embroidery machine! The only plus is that I like helping people with their projects and I love my regulars who come in just so I can help them. I understand the dislike of the cranky workers. The customers hear them while they are shopping, but I have the honor of hearing them complain for the length of my shift. It is annoyinng. Skeleton staff, low pay, you are worked almost to the point of passing out on occasion, all for what?

    So the STL who does ziltch gets his quarterly bonus fr how great a job he has done! Take it from me…. They stack the stores with empolyees with NO sewing experience even managers. It breaks my heart every time my manager starts cutting hours so he can get his monthly bonus.

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    I wish there was a way to improve things; but what can a part time, minimum wage employee do? I just smile and push on and take comfort in the fact that my customers love my peppy attitude. It makes my job worthwhile. Thanks so much for weighing in! What they need is a few sewists on the board of directors, no? Definitely they need some people who sew on their board of directors! Indianapolis, IN seemed like a good one and the one in Lakeland, FL has always had helpful employees. That is the one that I visit the most when we go back to the states since it is closer to my parents than any other one.

    It frustrated me as we were travelling on our way somewhere and my husband was in the car waiting—I had asked him to delay our trip so I could stop by and check for some fabric I was looking for—we aimed to get to the store at 9 so I could hop in there and check on this.

    They are mean and rude, the store is dirty and un organized! The craft crap and junk holiday stuff is everywhere I hate it! I love to sew clothes the fabric is cheep and ugly! Found better fabrics on line! I have gone and shopped around for hours to finally get to cutting table with a line of very unhappy workers and costumers… One cutting table for a super store is just stupid, the isles are so full of baskets of stuff never put away and so much junk to go through that you almost never find what you need. Check out is just a nightmare.

    Sewing is very expensive and saving on things is a must for most people now days. I refuse to go back there. I truly hope this works and they will listen to the people that need them most!!!!!!!!! Thanks to StuidoKat for starting this rant!!!!!!!! Actually; the scanners we use are outdated. If there is any makeup, scratches, or smudges on the screen they will not scan. However, there is a long line of numbers under the bar code on all of our coupons. If the cashier enters that number in manually then the coupon will go through.

    Perhaps if you offer to read that code off for them it might speed the process along. Its kind of like my highlight of the day anytime I get to go there. We do have another JoAnns nearby as well. Story is not the same at that store. That was probably the best stocked and had the most congenial salespeople of any since. Later, one opened in my hometown of Hattiesburg, Ms. It soon went under. This was a very nice store with pleasant, knowledgeable people.

    I also had a chance to visit a store in Bryan, TX. This was probably the best fabric stock and nicest personnel I had encountered in a while. But, again too little of too many different types of merchandise. The quality of merchandise has diminished over the years as they move into other areas of crafting. Please if you are a fabric store then for goodness sake stock fabric.

    There are enough sewers and quilters out here to justify this. It is so frustrating when you have to go from store to store, town to town, to buy supplies for your hobbies, small businesses, etc. I shop at the JoAnn store in Augusta, Georgia. It is true that they are understaffed and under stocked. However, I have continued to shop there. I purchased buttons and thread only to find out that those items were not continued sewing notions.

    The cashier even admitted that the coupon was misleading. There was a list of items that were excluded, but I did not purchase any of those items. I was so sorry to see that. I had quit before that happened, fortunately. Our manager had us vacuum the carpeted area every day, and mop the tile floors, too. The fabric was replaced on the tables after cutting as quickly as possible. She told me she wanted to help customers who had questions about sewing problems, and was instructed NOT to do so, by the management!

    No smiling faces either. However the store 20 min. Their employees go out of their way to help you and are NOT nasty. So you can guess which store I shop at…Fremont! The store in Sioux Falls, SD is always clean and very busy. They usually have enough staff, but not enough of them know how to cut fabric correctly. I often come home with fabric that is cut crooked or too short.

    They usually have around 3 at the cutting table and there can be a long wait. I also noted that the thread is not of the quality it used to be, and I agree with another comment on here that there is always an abundance of fleece but not enough high end fabrics. The check out line is the same as all the others, snaked around aisles and never enough employees at the registers.

    I have found that the Hancock Fabrics Store just a few blocks away, has good quality material and sometimes a better selection, shorter lines and friendly, helpful staff so I started going there instead. Our Fort Walton Beach Florida store is very good and their long time employees are friends and fellow quilters. We are lucky I would say so they are not all bad. I try to be very happy and bright. I recognize our regular guest and try to be as friendly as possible to everyone I meet. I worked hard enough to be hired on permanently, by popular demand actually. I have a lot of ideas on how to improve our store.

    However, I am disappointed that I am limited to checking people out and unable to do anything to improve customer service. I wish I could train employees and give them the advice I had to learn the hard way. I think the reason the service in JoAnns sucks is because we have NO training program. Lucky for them I am a quick learner and I love working with people.

    JoAnn, JoAnn, where do I start? I have been sewing for 35 years, with most of my shopping done there. However, today was the last straw and I will be moving my business to a nearby Hobby Lobby and a further away Hancocks. It will be worth the drive to avoid going to JoAnn. I would love to think that corporate will read these posts, however, that is highly doubtful. Crabby employees are caused crabby managers and crabby managers are cause by crabby district managers, etc. So thankful I near Dayton OH and have other choices!

    Where do I start. I always wait to have fabric cut, then more waiting for the clerk to get to the register to check the customers out. While observing other customers, they roll their eyes in frustration. While waiting in line to get material cut, I have asked if there was anyone else to help cut material, and the answer was no. One person to cut material, and no number system, so you have to stay in line. If a customer needs assistance, good luck getting your material cut. I have had a clerk not even look at me, let alone smile at me, before cutting my material. My brother needed a special piece of fabric from this store.

    I told him exactly what to ask for, which he did. I went there and purchased the material the next day! It was easy to locate. I could continue on….. I shop all over Iowa so I do check out different stores and it just seems to be the same thing at them all. As a former employee of JoAnns I must tell you that we receive very little or NO training before getting put on the sales floor. We work a shift with only three people, and often without even a 15 minute break.

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    All of this for very little pay. If are told not to let customer take up too much of our time with their questions. I once helped a customer, who wanted to know about thread, before i punched back in from my lunch break….. It is just a terrible place to work. Awful pay, awful management, awful hours…….. I currently live in South Dakota—the closest store is in Sioux Falls which is about an hour away.

    The worst stores in this bunch are the Hutchinson and Elk River stores—but for different reasons. The Hutchinson store is old, shabby, and small. The Elk River store, on the other hand, is new. My experience with them was for a return of a couple bolts of fabric. I was so angry when I left that store! That experience was a long story cut short.

    The St Cloud store is Ok. The other practice they started doing that drives me nuts is measuring everything down to the inch. I guess I am pretty much one of the lucky ones. I have to drive about 40 miles to get to one. There are 2 in Des Moines, IA, and they both have some good points and some bad points just as any other retail store.

    It is hard to get someone to help you usually because they are all understaffed, but that is not always a bad thing. It was a good store but very busy. The wait for cutting on a busy day could be upwards of an hour. It is clean and the employees are cheerful and helpful. I dealt with a manager one day and found him helpful. Their fabric quality went down when they got their own name brand. We have a local quilt shop that has much nicer fabric at much higher prices. Is that the same company? We are fortunate to have a clean store with a pretty decent staff. They are usually short on employees though, which makes one practice patience when shopping there.

    Please realize this is not their fault. I shop pretty much everywhere, and online a lot as well. It just depends on what I need of course. I saw two employees when I walked in the store, one was on the register and the other one disappeared. Needless to say, I walked out that day without the fabric or anything else. I went back 4 days later and bought what I needed then. Obviously, I finally got waited on. I am lucky that the one near me in Lynnwood is a good store, a super store, I think.

    Another one nearby was recently upgraded from the dim mess it was to a well-lit and better organized store. My complaint is that the quality of their fabric is not the best, rather thin. It is too bad that this franchise is not consistent from coast to coast. My biggest pet peeve- they still use scissors to cut the fabric and you end up with very crooked cuts!

    It is in such disarray that it is impossible to find anything, or even know where to go to begin looking! I try to never go there, but out of necessity have ventured in there a few times in the last few months, only to come out with nothing but frustration. I have had to resort to online shopping! It is a sad state when Joann fabrics can not accommodate the needs of area sewers!

    Clean, organized, etc. However, finding an employee is difficult. They are able to discount their product because they pay crap wages. If they paid better, they would need to raise prices to offset the increase in wages and maintain their profit margins. The question is, are you willing to pay more for better service and product? I could name a whole bunch of retailers that treat their employees like crap and pay crap.

    WM got rid of their fabrics here as well. Be nice about it but be firm on your complaints as well. Corp offices need to know what it is that gripes you! The store is clean and the staff is friendly but my biggest complaint is that they are understaffed. The store is spotless, always full stocked, has employees on the floor that can actually help their customers. The girls who work at the cutting tables are always knowledge and helpful. This store always has the latest fabrics and crafts.

    I agree with several comments as well as disagree with others. I am disappointed as well with customer service, knowledge, and quality of fabrics. That has cut back on fabric, and pattern selections. But has cut down the pleasure of shopping there. I am retired now from school system, but did work in a craft store 20 years ago.. Therefore my comments are appropriate from first hands on experience. I have seen the same beloved children destroy packages, open crafts dump stuff on floor and walk away.

    Sometimes parents come and find the mess the child has created just calls the kid away, and leaves the mess. Hence some of the mess in stores. Wake up parents.. Due to it might hurt their ego or feelings. I am happy to be getting older I hate to see what will happen when these monsters we are creating take over.

    As shoppers who want to keep our stores nice we must pitch in and help out. Do not just leave something you changed your mind about by just laying somewhere. Trust me cashiers would be happy to take the item and put it in returns basket to be put away properly. As a customer I for one have spoken to baldy behaving children or given stern looks at them. They stop. Speak up let other customers know your shopping experience is being ruined by their child.

    So what if parent gets mad and say something back. If more people tell them maybe it will sink in. I usually buy on line or in quilt shops. It is just shipping cost are so high. Say I buy a pattern for Now I have spent dollars for a pattern. I see more and more are offering patterns done via email or downloading from site. I can print out a lot for 5 -8 dollars worth of paper ink and tape to piece patterns together. It avoids lost pieces. Lets all work together to help our stores working right. They only usually run to who ever they are suppose to be with.

    As the saying goes it takes a village to raise a child. Too often we have product destroyed because of marauding children but we are encouraged to not say anything to them because it might upset the parents, who are the real shoppers. That in turn makes us cranky. That being said, there is no excuse for horrible service and I do sympathize. However, I think what happened was a lot of customers would ask if we had items to make accessories for the apparel they were making, or yarn to make a scarf to wear along with it, etc.

    This caused the company to branch out to appease a wider customer base. So even if you were happy about just having fabric and patterns, there would then be people out there clamoring for scrapbooking or jewelry supplies. I will ask other associates, or direct them to someone I know will be sure of an answer because in my store we all generally know who gets into what crafts. Also, in my store lately, they have been trying to only hire people with at least some sewing experience, and are beginning to train other employees on basics, like reading a pattern.

    I think that will really help a lot. Interesting to read this entire page of comments. All fabric stores used to cut you an extra inch of your whole yardage cut to be sure you got a full and straight quantity you paid for. They rarely cut straight or give you the full quantity now; would be better on woven fabrics to go back to the snip and rip method…faster too. Pretty much this was the beginning of me hating this store. What happened to customer service, and a polite and friendly employee?

    What a witch she was in front of the whole waiting line at the counter. The customer did have a pile of 10 fabrics, but I am a patient person, and then the 1 employee the cut counter left to help her find more fabric…for 10 minutes. While the line grew, another employee stopped to chat with a friend in the line, and I asked if she could cut my 4 trims a couple of snips.

    After another 20 minutes still 2nd in line , I just walked out; looking to the registers where 3 were standing with no one in line at all! Is someone brain dead here? Our local store in Martinsville Virginia has wonderful customer service and is very, very clean. The manager Charlotte prides herself on keeping the store clean and neat.

    The women have to keep up their reputations. That being said, there is one employee who is absolutely awful. She is supposedly the knitting and crochet specialist in the store and is constantly lying to customers and giving them horrible advice. My mother lives in Ohio and we have shopped at the store in Hudson where their headquarters are located.

    The store in Roanoke Virginia is equally bad. I discuss these findings with Charlotte and she tells me about the support or lack of from headquarters. I have found that calling and complaining does absolutely no good. Just goes to show what happens when a company gets too big. I remember when it began with one or two stores in northern Ohio and was called Cleveland Fabrics…. I have lived in California, Oregon and Idaho for many years before moving to the East coast five years ago. Usually just go there for notions, stock patterns for low prices on sale. The mall is outdated and seems almost dangerous.

    I rarely go there. Luckily, there is G Street Fabrics not much further away. I made the mistake of buying some knitted jersey online and when it arrived it was totally different than in the online photo. But I have purchased quilting cotton prints online and been happy with them. I was spoiled when I lived in the Portland, ORegon area.

    When I was shopping for a craft, they never seemed to have all the stuff I needed for the particular craft. The store was old, crowded and badly stocked for notions. Recently they have done a remodel and the store looks much better. At that time employees had to be able to sew, and even then the genral attitude was terrible. However, in those days JoAnn had competitors like Hancock, sometimes right across the road, so they had to try harder.

    The situation today in all the stores in the Columbus, Ohio area is dismal. They are all filthy, disorganized, run down places full of bitter employees. I keep getting amazing sales flyers in the mail and online, but almost nothing except dire need can get me to the store. JoAnn now has no competition here and they are owned by a corporation which is famous for wringing its companies dry and selling them when they collapse. No amount of complaining to the head office is going to make a difference, because the situation at JoAnn is exactly as they want it to be. Rundown, dirty, and way understaffed.

    Their selection of notions is terrible and all picked over if you arrive during a sale. Yup, they staffed the entire store with just one person and in a busy metropolitan area! July: Generally dirty and disorganized. Good fifteen minute wait to check out. One poor frazzled clerk checking out customers.

    Few employees even though this is always a busy store and this was a Friday morning. Late August: Another Friday morning. Still dirty and disorganized. At least a twenty minute wait for me to check out with two clerks. By the time I reached the cash register, there were at least 15 customers behind me.

    The ones at the end of the line were going to be there a half-hour or so. I wrote another comment survey, blasting store management for allowing this continually poor customer service to continue. September: This time I went late mid-week. I bought some things I needed for a project. I bought two yards. She tried to figure the price out, but did not know how to figure percentages. She said she just learned them in school.

    I felt sorry for her and gave her a fast lesson. I give her credit because she knew what items were on sale. This is a management problem. More often than not, the customer has a question that an experienced person would be able to answer. A lot of people in my area cannot afford to pay quilt store prices. The magnetic snaps are EASY to apply. You just sew them in place around the 4 edges of the plastic. No special needle, no special foot. We have very knowledgeable staff- most of us sew and many of us do a lot of different crafts.

    We have an Education department that has some wonderful classes too. Not all store managers are as awesome as the one I have here! The ones I frequent, which are most of them in the Metro Detroit area, are neat, clean, and have knowledgeable staff. The one in Madison Heights and the one in Allen Park are only the ones I would really criticize because they seem to be understaffed. We have a new one in Livonia off I that has been open for a week, and there have been long lines in there everyday. The difference is they always have all hands on deck for check out and cutting, and the store is super clean and organized.

    I love it! As Jackie in Michigan said, we do have quite a few quilt stores in these parts, and Material Girls in Dearborn is great. To the west and far north of Detroit, there are many quilting stores, which is great. I quilt and I adore it. Online fabric stores have become my best friends when it comes to quilting fabrics and basic apparel fabrics that used to be commonly found in stores, like wool coating, flannel-back satin linings, wool jersey, etc.

    But I want to remind you, and emphasize, that this is a minimum wage, part time job! I can not believe the amount of ignorance I have received from customers when I was unable to answer their questions pertaining to their project — whether that be a cake decorating question, knitting, sewing, fabric etc.

    And when I say ignorance, I mean ignorance! The lack of sympathy in people these days will never fail to amaze me. You need to understand that the long lines, and wait time at the cut table, as well as the lack of help on the floor is not the fault of an employees, or even the managers! The amount of hours given to us for payroll is entirely up to corporate — and yelling or demeaning an employee or manager will do nothing but make you an ugly, and rude person.

    Swing by the cut counter quick and see if you can trade your ticket with someone else, that way you can continue to shop. Get your act together! But when customers have a positive attitude, employees will too! Your smile and positivity will make a HUGE impact in your experience, as well as the employees! Thank you in advance! Any savvy shopper will know that you can only follow corporate policy. The fabric is not in stock. I think this happens too often to be just co-incidence. A few years ago I bought fabric for a small curtain— 2 yards. I was cheated 10 inches!

    The next time I went to town I returned it. What a hassle! I started measuring every piece of fabric I bought, and more than half were an inch short or more. Your suggestion of taking a number at the cut table before selecting the fabric is particularly irritating. I see clearly how much time is wasted when the employees call numbers then have to wait for the customer to skedaddle up to the counter from the Minky aisle. There is never a not-busy-time. There is always a long wait. Then to the cash register where there is always another long wait. And I do watch how much time customers spend looking for coupons.

    Perhaps I should have included a rant about corporate and their insane coupons. Always cheery in spite of the stress. We make minimum wage, which is not enough for any of us to pay our rent. Most of us work two jobs. You will come back because you have no choice.

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