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I agree with the limits. Coupons are meant to be an incentive to purchase the product — not to only allow a few to buy up all the merchanidise while others are given no opportunity to purchase reasonable amounts. I second Tundey — who needs 72 jars of mustard? Extreme couponing by some does nothing but hurt the regular people who do reasonable couponing.

Associates, like me, have difficulty keeping up with the offers. The final authority is the register. Read each coupon or offer carefully or ask an associate for assistance. Associates cannot override the register on coupon rules. Their purpose is subverted with the single hoarder clearing the shelves in the local store. How can you use all those salad dressing, mustards, etc. I am so for the limits. What a waste!!! So what? They resell the items on craigslist, garage sales, amazon, ebay, etc… They then sell them at a slightly lower price than suggested retail.

This way they rake in the difference off the coupon. They are taking the coupon and basically turning it into cash at a small discount off the coupon value. The 72 mustard guy probably made bucks all for about hours of work. Then on top of that they get whatever from whatever rewards programs they are using.

You also have a segment who just like to get things for free. Plus these limits will mean nothing anyway. They will just make N number of trips to get what they want.

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Limit four. Buy them and walk out the door and then right back in and buy four more. Screw everyone else. I did buy 72 jars of mustard and used it for my foot long hot dog! I think we use two or three jars a year. I used to do a lot of couponing back when I had the time. Never to the extreme that the people on the show do it, but one of the things I did was to purchase items I would not use items deemed useful and donate them to charity. During those years I was essentially doing two grocery shoppings a week.

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Granted we were no where near what the people on the show do, please keep things like this in mind before bashing the people buying multiple items in front of you. Case in point, when the local grocer has certain breads on sale for BOGO there are a couple restaurants that go in every single morning and buy every single loaf as that is actually cheaper than the price they get. One coupon per item and a limit to the items is fine too. I have never thought about shopping like they show on TV. Kudos to you and your group. However, please be aware that in many cases, the savings -are- passed along to churches, food banks and shelters.

After the Joplin, Mo. Everyone did, and most of them donated hundreds of dollars worth of cleaning supplies, hygiene products, diapers and food… items that were desperately needed in the days and weeks that followed. Many of those items came from Joplin stores that were evaporated in the tornado, and would have been unusable had they not been in pantries in outlying communities.

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So if you get stuck behind a couponer, please have some patience. Home About Coupon Policy. Coupon Policy. About Us.

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Grocery stores that offer double coupons.

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General Store Management has the right to accept, decline, or limit the quantity of coupons and or items purchased in a single transaction or in a single day, by a single customer. To ensure product availability for all customers, BI-LO limits the redemption to 1 one coupon per item, those coupons can be manufacturer coupon, electronic coupon, BI-LO coupon, or competitor coupon. BI-LO limits the redemption to 5 five of the same coupons for the same items in the same day per customer.

For example, if you have six of the same coupon and have purchased six items, we will only accept five of the coupons. Acceptance is subject to any restrictions or purchase stipulations printed on the coupon. The only coupons accepted on mobile devices are SE Grocers rewards points coupons. No reproductions or altered coupons will be accepted. The total coupon value cannot exceed the price of the item.

No cash back will be given nor will cash back be applied to other purchases.

Do Not Double Coupons Meaning?

Subject to Store Manager discretion. The list of local competitors is posted at your BI-LO store.

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BI-LO will accept 5 five competitor product coupons, one coupon per like item, per day, per customer. One coupon per customer per day. BI-LO will not redeem competitor coupons for percentages off order totals. Competitor coupons cannot be used for financial services and gift cards.

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