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Why Turkey is pushing ahead with the Russian S-400 missile deal

Russian Ministry of Defense. Maritime trackers monitoring ships' automatic identification systems did notice a vessel that left St.

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Petersburg with an AIS code indicating it had explosives aboard, Trimble said. That ship hit a storm in the English Channel and returned to port. Russian state media outlet Tass said in January that "part of the equipment included in the first shipment" to China had been "damaged by a storm and returned to Russia. Around the same time, Russian news agency RIA quoted the spokeswoman for Russia's military and technical cooperation service as saying parts of the S systems on their way to China were damaged in a storm at sea. The spokeswoman described the components as " secondary " without giving any details.

Read more : A Chinese admiral said his country should 'attack' US supercarriers with new weapons, but the US Navy is already scrambling to counter the threat. But the S's missiles are an essential component — the 40N6 even more so. The revelation "was a very surprising development in this story of this export and completely unexpected," Trimble said.

This is probably one of the most important, strategically, weapon systems in the world right now, and this is the most powerful effector, or missile, within that system. Thomson Reuters. In May , China received its first regimental set of the S when the third and final ship arrived with "the equipment not damaged during a December storm in the English Channel and the damaged equipment after repairs," a diplomatic source told Tass at the time.

An S regiment consists of two battalions.

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Each battalion has two batteries. A standard battery has four transporter erector launchers, each with four launch tubes, as well as fire-control radar systems and a command module. Reports about how many regimental sets China was to get vary from two to six.

The South China Morning Post said in the final days of December that the People's Liberation Army Rocket Force tested the S in November, shooting down a "simulated ballistic target" moving at the supersonic speed of nearly 2 miles a second at a range of nearly miles. The S and Russia's efforts to sell it abroad have become a point of contention with the US.

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But other US allies have expressed interest in the S, complicating matters for Washington. Despite warnings that the US would rescind F deliveries and that the system wouldn't work with NATO weapons, Turkey has forged ahead with an S buy, saying this week that the purchase was a done deal. India has also agreed to buy the S, though Chemezov said New Delhi has yet to make an advance payment, which "was a bit of a surprise," Trimble said.

Read more : The Coast Guard turned down a request for an Arctic exercise out of concern the US's only heavy icebreaker would break down and Russia would have to rescue it. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search".

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Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Navy has completed a series of guided flight tests for the RAM Block 2A short-range, surface-to-air missile, according to its manufacturer, Raytheon. New energy-efficient algorithm keeps UAV swarms helping longer Washington DC SPX Jun 17, A new energy-efficient data routing algorithm developed by an international team could keep unmanned aerial vehicle swarms flying - and helping - longer, report an international team of researchers this month in the journal Chaos, from AIP Publishing.

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  8. UAV swarms are cooperative, intercommunicating groups of UAVs used for a wide and growing variety of civilian and military applications. Its launch window is currently scheduled to open at a. EDT on June AEHF-5 is the most recent addition to th Army participated in a joint exercise with host Bulgaria's air force, navy and land forces as part of Shabla 19 from June Shabla 19, which took place along the Black Sea coast in northeastern Bulgaria, is designed to improve readiness and interoperability between the Bulgarian forces and the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command in Shabla, U.

    Army Europe, according New Pentagon chief an ex-soldier who moved to the defense industry Washington AFP June 19, Secretary of the Army Mark Esper, who was chosen by President Donald Trump to be the new acting Pentagon chief, is a former military man who moved to the defense industry. Unlike his predecessor in the post, who had no military experience, year-old Esper who served in the Gen Kevin B. Monitoring the lifecycle of tiny catalyst nanoparticles Bochum, Germany SPX May 07, Nanoparticles can be used in many ways as catalysts. To be able to tailor them in such a way that they can catalyse certain reactions selectively and efficiently, researchers need to determine the properties of single particles as precisely as possible.

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    So far, an ensemble of many nanoparticles is analysed. However, the problem of these investigations is that the contributions of different parti The incidents were not claimed but largely originated from areas where Shiite-dominated armed groups loyal to Tehran and deeply opposed to Washington have free reign.

    Starting Friday, m Remaining Iran deal signatories to hold crisis talks Brussels AFP June 20, The remaining signatories to the Iran nuclear deal will hold crisis talks in Vienna next week to discuss how to save the accord after the US pulled out, the EU said Thursday.

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    Harry Stolberg - a year-old former Marine who served in Bosnia, Liberia and Nigeria - has a chocolate Labrador named Rocky who wakes him up from his troubled dreams. And year-old Phil Davanzo - who carried the bodies of fal The two parties will work together and take advantage of respective strength on commercial space cooperation with satellite remote sensing data applications as the main target market.

    They will jointly develop domestic and foreign markets of products and services which China 'harvesting' Falun Gong organs: report London AFP June 18, Forced organ harvesting has been carried out "for years throughout China" and members of the Falun Gong spiritual group have "probably" been the main victims, according to a panel of lawyers.

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