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Sometimes I have to ask and sometimes not. They are very cooperative and friendly. I highly recommend them. God food. I have had them give me free drink, OR discount OR free chili depending on locales. Guess you know which one you get a discount on Reply I just found out about the McDonalds Coffee senior discount this morning when an elderly man went up to the counter with a huge, silver thermos and asked for a refill and she charged him only.

I love McDonalds coffee even more now! Reply Or 59 cent senior with free refills. When traveling I look for them. I love coffee.


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At home I make cold brewed coffee every day. Turned 80 y. Whataburger has good coffee and French Vanilla Creamer. They are good too. Reply Our local Toledo, Ohio Taco Bell locations no longer honor ANY senior discounts of any kind, so you should specify that this list applies only to certain locations, cities … Reply thanks for the info Reply I made meatloaf once, years ago.

Darn thing never would rise, so I just gave up! Reply Boycott them folks. No respect for the knowledgeable elders any more! What are these nitwits going to do when all the people that know stuff are gone! Two eggs, two sausage or slices of bacon and two huge pancakes. Works for me every time.

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I live in Texas, so I am not sure if it is a nationwide offer. Subway has lost a point in my book although I understand their point of view. AND yes, the onus is on me to ask too. Next time I will.

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  • Reply How many old people stop there. Give me a break.

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    Lost another point subway… Reply Discounts are not entitlements. You should just get in the habit of asking rather than expecting a business to inform you.

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    Reply Very rude Manners??!!!! Personally, I think transparency becomes ALL establishmens that serve the public. If you have a discount policy, then inform your customers or get out of Dodge…to hide a public discount policy is deceptive at the very least and brazenly disrespectful … a slap in the face … Reply I agree…preach it.

    We seniors have more than paid our way! Liberals in charge have closed down so many businesses here. Vivian in Marana Reply Is this a political feed? Drop the politics. Reply Awesome. Thanks for your advice. They do NOT offer senior discounts per the manager. Even at Dunkin Donuts all over the US. I just ask for a Senior Discount every place I visit. Same with AAA, When the check restraint. Fast food or The Ritz I ask when the bill comes, for a senior discount. No one ever asks for proof or the above mentioned. When I turned 50, I did not ask if I did not see a sign.

    It took a while to get in to the habit of asking. But it is well worth it. AAA is very expansive, but I like the piece of mind. I have used it many times, while traveling in the car and motorcycle. If you are on a budget, then AARP is a better choice. But not always necessary. Get in the habit of asking everyplace you Dine, Shop or stay, Every hotel chain offers a senior discount. Write down how much you saved in one month, 3 months and one year. Places you might not think to ask. Just ask. Reply Thank you for the great insights and advice. That story of generosity makes my day!

    Reply You got me motivated! If they think you really should pay dues to a political organization to get the discount, they should at least include AMAC to show they are balanced. Reply Agreed. Include AMAC. Reply yes!

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    Reply Ditto! What Charlie B. Reply Good grief. Even being old is political these days.

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    • Just protect seniors from the craziness of DC. Reply Association of Mature American Citizens. They publish a magazine, on-line newsletters, offer travel insurance similar to AAA, offer other discounts. We have been very happy with AMAC. Reply Agree!! The food is good too and there are gluten free and vegan choices. People like you are as divisive as you are pathetic. How you or anyone else can have any confidence in either party is beyond me.

      People like you will never wake up until the debt that was created by both parties buries you…and even then the real headstrong morons like you will chose the mindless game of casting blame. Reply Dunkin Donuts ended its free donut for seniors effective March 31, Verified on the AARP website.

      Reply What a bummer! Reply Robert, that was funny. Do you remember me? Our kids were young children and now our youngest is We would like to hear from you and your wife. I am totally on your page! Why seniors or anyone else for that matter would vote for that bloated ego, self aggrandizing, mentally ill, traitorous head of his own crime family, is beyond comprehension.

      Watch for destruction of Medicare and Social Security. It is on his agenda. Reply Under obama we had the cost of Medicare go up and money taken out to help pay for extended Medicaid also we only got 2 raises, the first one the first year he was in office and the second one in during the year he was running for a Second term. To me it looked like it was Obama that wanted to destroy social security and Medicare. He was the only president that only gave two cost of living raises in 8 years. Right now the economy is doing well and we are at a national unemployment rate of 3. Reply Totally agree.

      He has done more for the USA compared to Obummer in 8 years. As a gray haired old Biddy I resent your remarks. You probably a millennial brat. Reply Hello. Thank you for the great list! Hope this info is useful. Reply Thanks for the info, very helpful!!! Susan, Are you saying you found this person on our website?

      I do see a contact form on their website, have you tried contacting them this way? The move to eliminate the discount comes after Publix stopped honoring double coupons earlier this year, and after competitor Kroger stores eliminated double coupons and its senior discount. Hey C. Kroger Supermarkets to cut senior discounts. Many of the senior discounts vary from location to location as you can see from the comments on this post.

      Always best to ask. Hi Gillian! Great question- We also received the same feedback on our Facebook page. Help us spread the word! I'm also a fan of the bread they serve you free while you wait for your meal. They are an Australian inspired steakhouse. Then of course the fact that there is Outback Steakhouse coupons out all the time to help us save some money! At Coupon Dad we verify the coupons and promo codes that are on our site. Thousands of coupons are looked at daily! What's all this mean? It means that the coupons you find here will be more detailed, work better and save you more money!

      Outback Steakhouse. Click For Offer. Print Coupon. Well by checking here on Coupon Dad before you head over for your steak of course! Related Stores. For more about this website, and its current promotions connect with them on. Visit outback.

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      Offer valid for AARP members. Not valid for online orders. Just use code when you order. Stay in tonight and order online from Outback. Order now:. Coupons Trending Coupons Coupons trending up right now. Today's Coupons Discounts added within the last day. Popular Coupons Most popular discounts over time.

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