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Could be useful for people like me who are a bit more lazy and get the added days in a year. No you won't lose anything i. Both decent offers. This sounds like a good deal - can the data be shared between my devices? Personal hotspot? Enter a phone number and we'll SMS a link to this page. Mobile number:. Please enter a valid Australian mobile number. The link has been sent. Zunos Zunos. Download a printable copy. Data Allowance For use in Australia only. What's Included.

What's Not Included. Data Allowance. Data Bank. Extra Credit. Currently I am with boost but thinking to cut the cost and shift to lebara unlimited plan.

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Can you please help me out. Lebara does indeed offer 3G data on the Vodafone network so the Internet should work just fine for you. Cool Geoff. Just came across your site, and wanted to say thank you for the excellent information. Service and reception is not an issue although I do live in a semi rural area, I always get reception. It is not prepaid which means there will be a bill every month and you will need to undergo a credit check.

However, and this is the most important bit, provided you bring your own equipment. The provider I suggest is Virgin Mobile. Virgin runs on Optus and also has access to their 4G network i. If you decide to get a modem from them, you will not pay anything extra but will have to commit to a 12 month plan.

Telstra Mobile Review: Compare Top Plans, Pricing and Promotions

Living remote I need the Telstra network. Do you have any recommendations on a similar plan to Amaysim but not unlimited, cheaper, but has the data component still? Different people will have different interpretations to what is lots of data, depending on their needs. If so, check out our report on the best internet plans which also includes the best options for mobile broadband as an alternative to ADSL or NBN.

They even offer 4G speeds in supported areas for no extra charge. Virgin excess rate of 0.

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They simply give you an extra MB on reduced speed and then block you completely until the start of your next billing cycle. Amaysim is fine where Optus actually work but I think city slickers write these assessments. Amaysim on Optus network generally speaking is poor in rural areas. If you live in regional Australia in an area where Optus coverage is sketchy at best, Boost, which runs on the Telstra network, is the absolute best mobile plan for you.

I will add my 2 cents on Amaysim. This way I can always be online either with my phone or on my laptop via wifi hotspot. Reception is good if you live in a major town. Rural areas are are not covered at all, or signal is weak, but hey, most people in rural areas only use Telstra for a reason…. Hi, could you please provide some advice for a prepaid plan for a high school student. I am not looking for unlimited as she rarely uses the phone to call. IGB data is certainly enough too at this stage. Hi, I have been researching amaysim after your recommendation and what I have found d is concerning.

A large proportion of their customers are very unhappy with the poor reception and shocking customer service. I understand that you are only going on cost but if the organization is offering sub standard services then what is the point of a cheap plan and you advertising it. VERY disappointing. What do you think of boost can I ask? Regards Wendy. First of all, thanks so much for your comment! We always appreciate ANY relevant comments on our content. It is not true that here at Spending Hacker we go for the lowest price.

I am myself on Amaysim and have had no issues with reception or poor customer support. In this case this is Optus. The reception you would get through Amaysim is the same you would get with either Optus themselves or any of their other virtual operators e. Virgin Mobile.

Which Mobile Plan Should I Get (Telstra Edition)

Boost is a virtual operator running on the Telstra network which has better coverage in most cases. Their customer support is based entirely in the Philippines. If you think that can work better for you than by all means, go for it. Finally, keep in mind that we are talking about a prepaid plan here that has no contract. You can try it out risk-free for a month and if you are not happy, simply walk away. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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  8. The best mobile plan with lots of data and no contract March 4, Written by Michael. Mobile contracts cost you lots of money! For everyone else, a no contract mobile plan is the way to go! Despite what you may think, this is extremely likely! With this prepaid mobile plan you get the following every 28 days: Unlimited text and calls to any Australian number. Stream as much as you want through the Apple Music apps for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Android without using up any of your data.

    Just keep reading.

    Telstra pre-paid SIM plans - Australia Forum

    Have I got your attention? Wait, it gets even better! A quick history of Boost in Australia: Boost are one of the oldest virtual operators in Australia although their plans are marketed mainly to young people in their early 20s and have been around since the year Boost are fighting back: The first indication that Boost have finally realised they dropped the ball and need to get back into the game came in March when Boost did a complete revamp of the data inclusions across all their plans. Plus, their network is superior to the Telstra Wholesale network used by Aldi Mobile.

    For most people, Boost with their access to the full Telstra network offer superior coverage. This is especially the case for people in regional Australia. This means that for the first five months, your total data allowance is a whopping 35GB for the same price. This means that for the first five months, your total data allowance is a whopping 45GB for the same price. This means that for the first five months, your total data allowance is a whopping 55GB for the same price. One disadvantage of Boost Mobile and how to overcome it: All Boost plans run on a 28 day cycle which means that across a year, you end up paying for almost 13 months instead of Before you go:.

    Your BEST options for broadband with lots of data and no contract. Vision Direct — The biggest range of designer eyewear on the planet for the lowest price. Put us to work for you! Cheap Broadband with no lock-in contracts — Your best options. May 24, - Michael Author.

    Which Competitors To Telstra Prepaid Should You Consider?

    May 25, - That is actually a great question Howard! Barry G. April 17, - Michael Ginsburg Author. April 18, - Great question Andrew! March 28, - March 24, - My 90 days is up in a couple of weeks. Otherwise, Will see if my wife or daughter will buy one for me. March 25, - March 26, - March 21, - January 2, - January 8, - Which network and plan is that Barry? Also, are you in a lock-in contract? So there are options other than no lock-in contracts. Thanks for clarifying Barry.

    August 18, - June 30, - May 21, - September 16, - Lars Ivar Kristianslund. October 25, - Trent Hammond. December 26, - August 22, - August 14, - The Spending Hackers. August 15, - August 21, - July 23, - August 13, - Hi, Perhaps something went haywire for a while because I have just renewed my pre paid and I can send messages without the data enable feature.

    July 17, - July 18, - Who told you that Jared? Was it Telstra? July 9, - July 11, - Hi Jess, Thanks for the comment. The plan you are referring to is no longer available for sale. However, we would leave the readers to make up their own mind about what works best for them. February 13, - Oliver Crowther-Miller. June 15, - November 23, - Thanks, David. August 5, -

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